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COVID-19 and Pets: FAQs

With the slew of information circulating about the novel coronavirus, we understand you may have many questions regarding how this public health crisis affects your beloved pets. While much still needs to be discovered, most of what we know suggests that pets likely have little involvement. Read on for answers to some common questions regarding [...]

The Dos and Don’ts of Successful Dog Training

Dogs are a true joy, especially when they are well-behaved and polite. But, every dog owner knows that a well-mannered pooch requires time, dedication, and deliberate training. Whether you are hoping to teach your puppy basic commands, or to help your older pet become more calm and confident, training your pet is not only a [...]

How to Nurture the Human-Animal Bond

Did you know that owning a pet is associated with reduced risk for certain types of lymphoma? Or that heart-attack sufferers who own pets have a higher one-year survival rate? These are two examples suggesting the power that pets have over our well-being. The human-animal bond has existed for thousands of years, and encompasses a [...]

Get to Know WesVet, Your New Veterinary Practice

In our previous post, you got to know Dr. Schoonover, owner and director of WesVet Animal Health. Now, we will get to the heart of what the practice is all about in our one-on-one interview with the man behind WesVet.  Question: Tell me the inspiration behind the name “WesVet Animal Health” and how you came [...]

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