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When Sharing Isn’t Caring—Zoonotic Diseases And Your Pet

Owners love sharing with their pets—the couch, the bed, outdoor activities, and sometimes a bite of food. Pets share too, through their affection, toys, and occasionally a special prize left on the doorstep. However, they may have a giving heart, but their gifts of dead mice or moles are seldom appreciated.  Diseases that pets can [...]

A Puppy’s Best Shot: Puppy Vaccines

Puppies are adorable. Soft and sweet at first, and then gangly and goofy. We laugh about the “rubbery” nature of many puppies, who seem to bounce back after wild behavior. At WesVet Animal Hospital, we love every puppyhood stage, and want your puppy safe at each stage. We may not be able to keep them [...]

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