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Separating Fact from Fiction—Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety begins innocently enough—a little whining when you leave, an overly enthusiastic reunion—but such anxiety can become a disruptive and potentially dangerous situation that negatively affects the pet-owner relationship. Separation anxiety’s subtle appearance is easy to ignore or misinterpret, and frequently leads to misunderstandings about its cause and treatment. To help dogs—and their owners—break [...]

Tiny Teeth, Big Opportunity—Dental Care For Puppies

Ah, puppy teeth! Nothing quite ruins an idyllic moment with a snuggly puppy like the sting of four tiny needles in your arm. Fortunately for them, puppies are cute, and we’re happy to forgive these minor, painful indiscretions. Although you may have difficulty imagining a time when your puppy’s sharp teeth will be replaced by [...]

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