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Fleas, Food, or Environmental? Understanding Allergies in Pets

An allergy describes a hypersensitivity to an allergen (i.e., irritant) in an organism’s environment. Like their two-legged companions, pets can suffer from allergies that cause an inflammatory response in the body that involves a complex chain of events, and leads to a variety of clinical manifestations that may be mild, severe, or life-threatening. Managing pets [...]

The Short and Sweet: What You Need to Know About Brachycephalic Pets

Brachy-what? If you’re the owner of a flat-faced, fun-loving dog or cat, you may be familiar with the term “brachycephalic,” which translates to “short-headed.” These pets are known for their unique facial conformation, which is characterized by a flat muzzle accompanied by a pushed-in nose and, often, plenty of wrinkles. These adorable pets are obviously [...]

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