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Finding Your Paw-fect Match—Where to Adopt Your Next Pet

Congratulations on your decision to open your heart and give a home to a new pet. Pet ownership brings immeasurable benefits to both ends of the leash, but is an enormous responsibility. The first step toward you and your new pet enjoying a long and happy life together is finding a pet that suits your [...]

Remedies for 5 Common Puppy Behavioral Problems

Puppies need guidance and boundaries to behave in an acceptable manner, and if you don’t address these needs through training, they likely will not become well-mannered and well-adjusted adult dogs. Our team at WesVet Animal Hospital wants to help by offering remedies to address five common puppy behavioral problems. Prevent your puppy from chewing destructively [...]

Preventing Common Puppy Problem Behaviors

Puppies can be a handful, and while some seem to fit in and naturally understand your expectations, others see the world as their playground. No matter your puppy type, patience, consistency, a sense of humor, a gentle hand, and this guide from WesVet Animal Hospital are key to surviving puppyhood.  Understanding your puppy and setting [...]

Tiny Teeth, Big Opportunity—Dental Care For Puppies

Ah, puppy teeth! Nothing quite ruins an idyllic moment with a snuggly puppy like the sting of four tiny needles in your arm. Fortunately for them, puppies are cute, and we’re happy to forgive these minor, painful indiscretions. Although you may have difficulty imagining a time when your puppy’s sharp teeth will be replaced by [...]

Little Puppy, Big World—Successful Socialization

A puppy’s innate curiosity is charming, but can be temporary. Puppies go through several fear periods that may damage their confidence, and make them shy or aggressive. Take advantage of their early curiosity to create positive experiences with new things. Each positive encounter will make your puppy a happier and healthier adult. To help you [...]

A Puppy’s Best Shot: Puppy Vaccines

Puppies are adorable. Soft and sweet at first, and then gangly and goofy. We laugh about the “rubbery” nature of many puppies, who seem to bounce back after wild behavior. At WesVet Animal Hospital, we love every puppyhood stage, and want your puppy safe at each stage. We may not be able to keep them [...]

Puppy Preparedness 101

Your new puppy is an exciting addition to your family, and you want to ensure that all their needs are met. The team at WesVet Animal Hospital wants to set you and your puppy up for success by offering a few tips on how to prepare for their first year. #1: Puppy proof your home [...]

5 Steps to Smoothly Introduce a New Dog to Your Family

Introducing a new dog to your family can sometimes be a bumpy road, but with proper planning, patience, and plenty of rewards, your new and current dogs will become fast friends. To ensure the introduction goes smoothly, our WesVet Animal Hospital team has developed a few essential steps for welcoming a new dog.  Step 1: [...]

Hidden Hazards: How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Before you bring home your new puppy, look at your house through a dog’s eyes. If you’ve ever had a baby, puppy-proofing is similar to baby-proofing your home. Objects that may look uninteresting to you may enthrall your new furry pal, and if they aren’t nailed down, they likely will end up in your pup’s [...]

Choosing the Perfect Dog for Your Family

Deciding to adopt a new dog is a big step for your family. So, what breed will they be? A fun-loving Lab? A lap-dwelling shih tzu? A trusty beagle? Before falling in love with the first fluff ball to cover your face in puppy kisses, do your research to determine the breed that will be [...]

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