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Pet Boarding FAQs

When you need to travel and aren’t able to bring your pet, you may have friends or family that can step in and care for them, but pet boarding is another viable option. Boarding your pet can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if it is your pet’s first time, but with some preparation and planning, [...]

Tick Bites and Pets: FAQs

Ticks are biting parasites that usually live in the environment but latch onto a host for a blood meal each time they must molt or reproduce. With tick species spreading rapidly across the United States, tick bite health threats are becoming a more significant problem for pets and people.  Our WesVet Animal Hospital team shares [...]

Finding Your Paw-fect Match—Where to Adopt Your Next Pet

Congratulations on your decision to open your heart and give a home to a new pet. Pet ownership brings immeasurable benefits to both ends of the leash, but is an enormous responsibility. The first step toward you and your new pet enjoying a long and happy life together is finding a pet that suits your [...]

Is Your Cat Freaking Out? Signs of Feline Stress

Cats are highly sensitive creatures and are particular about any changes in their environment and routine. Minor disruptions can be extremely stressful, and cat owners need to know feline stress signs and how to help their cat adjust to change. Our team at WesVet Animal Hospital shares common causes and signs of stress, and solutions [...]

Missy’s Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning Experience

Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians, and only a professional veterinary dental cleaning can effectively address the problem. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and to raise awareness about this important issue, our WesVet Animal Hospital team follows Missy, a 5 year old Pekingese, as she has [...]

I’m Bored! DIY Enrichment Toys to Entertain Your Pet

Think about what your pet does while you are at work. They may snooze peacefully, gaze longingly out the window, or destroy everything within paw’s reach! When home alone, your pet may become bored, which can manifest as inappropriate behaviors such as destruction, excessive vocalization, inappropriate elimination, overgrooming, irritability, and more. To keep your furry [...]

Cats Are Not Small Dogs: Thyroid Disease in Pets

Veterinary medicine professionals frequently say, “Cats are not small dogs,” meaning that while we see cats and dogs as equals as pets, they have different medical needs, metabolize drugs differently, and experience different diseases. This holds true for thyroid disease, which is common in both species, but affects each in opposite ways. WesVet Animal Hospital [...]

5 Tips for a Pet-Safe Holiday Season

As you gear up for another busy holiday season, consider how the festivities affect your pet, and put plans in place to ensure your holidays are merry and pet-friendly. Our team at WesVet Animal Hospital shares five tips to keep your pet safe during the holidays.  #1: Make your pet’s holiday plans in advance Before [...]

Zoonotic Pet Diseases FAQS

Pet owners are close with their pets—relationally and physically. During some of these close encounters—slobbery kisses, belly rubs, and snuggles—you have likely wondered if your pet can transmit diseases to you. Our WesVet Animal Hospital team answers your most pressing questions about zoonotic disease transmission, and how to avoid contracting these illnesses. Question: What is [...]

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