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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and Urinary Blockage

Feline urinary conditions are the most common reason why cats visit the veterinarian. And, because urinary issues can stem from physical and behavior-related causes, diagnosis and treatment can be lengthy and challenging, and strain the owner-pet relationship. Understanding feline urinary health can help you identify early problems, seek prompt treatment at WesVet Animal Hospital, and [...]

Accidents Happen—Causes for Diarrhea in Dogs

When your dog has diarrhea, everything feels like a mess. In addition to their physical discomfort and illness, house-trained dogs can feel recurring distress and anxiety over accidents in the home. This is further complicated by an owner’s natural—often negative—reaction when they discover the evidence on the floor or furniture, creating a cycle of stress [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Parasitic Diseases in Cats and Dogs

Internal and external parasites can not only make your pet miserable, but can also cause serious, sometimes fatal, diseases. Read on to learn how to protect your four-legged friend from common parasitic diseases. #1: Heartworm disease Heartworm disease is transmitted when an infected mosquito bites, and heartworm larvae are injected into the pet. These larvae [...]

Deciding When to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

As a responsible pet owner, you know you should spay or neuter your pet, but do you know the best time for the procedure? The right time to spay or neuter your pet depends on many factors, including their age, weight, and breed. Our team at WesVet Animal Hospital offers information to help you decide [...]

Fleas, Food, or Environmental? Understanding Allergies in Pets

An allergy describes a hypersensitivity to an allergen (i.e., irritant) in an organism’s environment. Like their two-legged companions, pets can suffer from allergies that cause an inflammatory response in the body that involves a complex chain of events, and leads to a variety of clinical manifestations that may be mild, severe, or life-threatening. Managing pets [...]

The Short and Sweet: What You Need to Know About Brachycephalic Pets

Brachy-what? If you’re the owner of a flat-faced, fun-loving dog or cat, you may be familiar with the term “brachycephalic,” which translates to “short-headed.” These pets are known for their unique facial conformation, which is characterized by a flat muzzle accompanied by a pushed-in nose and, often, plenty of wrinkles. These adorable pets are obviously [...]

Fleas, Ticks, and Lice—Oh My! How To Prevent Pesky Parasites

If there is one thing pet owners dread dealing with, it’s fleas, ticks, and other creepy-crawly parasites. Not only are these pests a nuisance, but they also are uncomfortable for our pets, can spread disease, and can be a big pain to eliminate. Rather than dealing with a pet parasite problem, a better solution is [...]

10 Interesting Dog Breed-Related Facts

Dogs are fascinating creatures. From their keen sense of smell, to their physical capabilities, to their incredible intelligence, it’s no wonder why we want to spend our lives with them. And, while it’s easy to love dogs, it’s also intriguing to learn how different they can be based on their breed. Here are 10 fun [...]

Toxic Relationships—Common Pet Toxins

Home is generally where we feel safest—and so do our pets. But, many everyday items can pose harmful—potentially deadly—threats to dogs and cats. Every year, national pet poison control services, including the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and the Pet Poison Helpline, receive countless calls about accidental ingestion and exposure to household toxins. Thanks to [...]

Scratch That—Alternatives to Declawing Your Cat

Scratching is a necessary and beneficial behavior for cats—but, when your new leather sofa becomes their designated scratching post, stopping this natural feline pastime can be a challenge. Through the years, frustrated cat owners have resorted to declaw surgery to resolve their cat’s shredding sprees, but this procedure is not without its own consequences, and [...]

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