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Zoonotic Pet Diseases FAQS

Pet owners are close with their pets—relationally and physically. During some of these close encounters—slobbery kisses, belly rubs, and snuggles—you have likely wondered if your pet can transmit diseases to you. Our WesVet Animal Hospital team answers your most pressing questions about zoonotic disease transmission, and how to avoid contracting these illnesses. Question: What is [...]

6 Tips to Help Your Pet Maintain a Healthy Weight

With more than half the U.S. pet population overweight or obese, you need to monitor your pet's weight, and learn how to help them reach and maintain a healthy body condition. Overweight pets are at an increased risk for weight-related health problems that can significantly decrease their quality of life. Read our WesVet Animal Hospital [...]

What Diseases Do My Pet’s Vaccines Protect Against?

Your pet’s vaccinations are essential to their overall health. Many vaccinations are available to pets, some—such as rabies—are required, and your veterinarian strongly recommends others that are recommended on the basis of your pet’s lifestyle and other unique factors. Our WesVet Animal Hospital team takes an individualized approach to vaccine protocols to ensure your pet [...]

No Kitten!—5 Fascinating Cat Facts

“The phrase ‘domestic cat’ is an oxymoron.”  – George F. Will Cats are elusive and cryptic creatures, and attempting to understand them is like peeling an onion—you think you have your cat figured out, but you find another layer—behavioral or emotional—to peel away. Rather than feeling frustrated by feline fickleness, our WesVet Animal Hospital team [...]

Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Your cat may like to channel their inner lion and hunt their toy mouse, but they quickly return to their domestic state the moment they hear you opening that can of delicious cat food. Our domestic cats depend on us, and we are responsible for their health and wellbeing. Part of responsible cat ownership is [...]

Safe and Effective: An Explanation of Anesthesia for Pets

If you feel nervous about your pet needing anesthesia for a veterinary procedure, you’re not alone. However, anesthesia helps to keep pets comfortable and free from stress or pain and is extremely safe. Our team at WesVet Animal Hospital explains pet anesthesia basics, benefits, safety, and risks to help you feel comfortable about your pet [...]

What’s That Smell? Chronic Ear Infections in Pets

As one of the top reasons dogs have veterinary visits, ear infections can cause significant pain and discomfort. Cats less commonly suffer ear infections. Your pet may experience one or two ear infections during their lifetime, but many pets experience chronic (i.e., recurring) ear infections, which can be difficult to treat effectively, because each infection [...]

7 Cool Ways for Your Pet to Beat the Tennessee Heat

Despite uncomfortably hot summer days, you can still have fun with your furry pal—and keep them safe from heat stress and heatstroke. Try the following cool ways to beat the Tennessee heat with your pet this summer. #1: Splash around to stay cool Water is the best way to stay cool outdoors. If your pet [...]

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and Urinary Blockage

Feline urinary conditions are the most common reason why cats visit the veterinarian. And, because urinary issues can stem from physical and behavior-related causes, diagnosis and treatment can be lengthy and challenging, and strain the owner-pet relationship. Understanding feline urinary health can help you identify early problems, seek prompt treatment at WesVet Animal Hospital, and [...]

Accidents Happen—Causes for Diarrhea in Dogs

When your dog has diarrhea, everything feels like a mess. In addition to their physical discomfort and illness, house-trained dogs can feel recurring distress and anxiety over accidents in the home. This is further complicated by an owner’s natural—often negative—reaction when they discover the evidence on the floor or furniture, creating a cycle of stress [...]

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