Your cat’s actions can be confusing at times. While their behavior can be amusing, you would like to know what is behind it. The team at WesVet Animal Hospital can explain why your cat acts the way they do.

#1: Why does my cat run around the house like their tail is on fire?

Your cat is calmly grooming when they suddenly start running around the room, bouncing off furniture and people, and knocking over any obstacle in their path. Why is that? They’re simply expending excess energy. Cats, especially young cats, need vigorous activity to meet their exercise needs. If your cat is exhibiting this behavior frequently, you can look into cat enrichment ideas to find better ways for them to get the exercise they need.

#2: Why does my cat head-butt me?

When you get home from work, your cat greets you with a firm head butt. The formal term is head bunting. Your cat is expressing their fondness for you when they head-butt. They have pheromones in their cheek region, and by rubbing their head and face on you, they are marking you as their own. They want everyone to know you belong to them.

#3: Why does my cat make an odd chattering noise?

Your cat enjoys watching birds and squirrels outside and will chatter at them when they get too close to the window. This noise is a reaction to the adrenaline surge they have. They are  expressing excitement at seeing the small creatures they would like to chase, and frustration that they cannot get to them. 

#4: Why does my cat “make biscuits”?

Whenever you sit down, your cat jumps in your lap and starts kneading. Why? When kittens are born, they stimulate the release of their mother’s milk by pressing rhythmically on her abdomen. When your cat kneads on you, they are signaling they feel as safe and happy as a kitten protected by their mother.

#5: Why does my cat slow blink at me?

If you catch your cat’s eye when they are sitting across the room, they will slowly blink their eyes at you and sometimes wink. This behavior is akin to a cat kiss. Cats are vigilant creatures and will only close their eyes if they feel secure, especially when they’re around people or other pets. Your cat is telling you they love you and feel safe in your presence. 

#6: Why does my cat refuse to use their litter box?

Your cat is usually tidy where litter box matters are concerned, but since you moved the box to the laundry room, they have been finding alternative bathroom options. Inappropriate elimination could be a sign of a medical issue, and your cat should be evaluated by a veterinarian to rule out any problems. If your cat is healthy, this behavior could be due to many factors, including stress over excessive noise or commotion in the area where their box is located. You can help ease your cat’s stress by providing them with litter boxes in multiple locations, keeping the boxes clean, and not placing their food and water bowls near the litter boxes.

#7: Why does my cat like to sleep in small spaces?

You’ve provided a luxurious bed for your cat, but they prefer to sleep in your discarded Amazon boxes–the smaller the better. How come? Cats in the wild shelter in small dens. Your cat is displaying this instinctive trait when they retreat to your discarded boxes. They feel more safe and secure when they are in a tight space. 

#8: Why does my cat knock objects onto the floor?

Your cat enjoys pushing objects off shelves and watching them hit the floor, regardless of how much the object cost. Why do they do that? Cats’ paws are extremely sensitive, and they use their delicate paw pads to investigate objects in their environment. The object’s movement may trigger their stalking interest, as well, followed by the “escape” when the object falls. Your cat could also be exhibiting this behavior to get your attention. Cats are smart enough to realize what actions bring you running, and they may knock an object over to say, “Look at me!”

#9: Why does my cat sleep on my laptop?

While you are trying to get some work done, your cat plops down on your keyboard and promptly falls asleep. Why? Your laptop is likely warm after being in use, and cats love warm places to nap. Your cat may also be jealous of how much attention you’re giving your laptop and want to make an emphatic demonstration to have some of your attention directed toward them.

#10: Why does my cat leave me gifts?

You find toy mice on your pillow every night. You keep returning them to your cat’s bed, but the next night they are back on your pillow again. What’s going on? Cats are predators and feel the need to hunt and catch food. In the wild, cats will bring their prey back to their family. By offering you their “prey,” your cat is saying you are their family. Be glad the prey is stuffed.

Knowing the reasons behind your cat’s seemingly bizarre behaviors will help you understand them a little more. If your cat is displaying behavior that concerns you, contact WesVet Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment.