Summer is in full swing and, more than likely, you and your furry friends are enjoying all that these dog days have to offer. Whether you prefer a day boating on the open water, a dip in your private pool, or a simple game of fetch at the local park, the warm weather presents endless opportunities for fun with your pets. At WesVet, we adore the summer season, but your pet’s safety is our top priority, so we’ve compiled a list of products to ensure your companions stay out of harm’s way when the temperatures soar. Before planning your next outdoor adventure, consider the following items, to help protect your pet this summer. 

#1. Pet first aid kits

A basic pet first aid kit is a good idea year-round, but when hot weather hits, consider adding a few extra supplies. In addition to traditional items, such as gauze wrap, hydrogen peroxide, and triple antibiotic ointment, add these items, in case your pet suffers a heat-related injury:

  • Thermometer A rectal thermometer is the most accurate way to measure your pet’s core body temperature, which can rise quickly in warm weather. Normal temperature for a dog or cat is 100 to 102.5 degrees—if your pet’s temperature rises above this range, take them inside and call us for advice. 
  • Extras — A few extra towels, a large container of water, and a portable fan can come in handy if your pet overheats. Soak the towels in water, cover, but don’t wrap, your pet, and use a fan to encourage evaporative cooling until you can get your pet to WesVet, or your closest veterinary emergency clinic.  

#2. Collapsible water bowls for pets

A set of grab-and-go bowls like these are invaluable when you hit the trail or beach. The handy, carabiner hooks make them easy to attach to a backpack or leash, and the lightweight, silicone material means they aren’t a pain to lug around.

#3. Protection for pet’s paws

While winter weather can wreak dry, chapped havoc on pet’s paw pads, hot pavement in the summer can do more damage. If you’ll be frequenting paved paths with your pooch this summer, opt for early morning or late evening walks. Consider slathering on a layer of protective wax like this one prior to your outing, or try these booties from RUFFWEAR. Both are great for winter conditions, too. 

#4. Personal floatation devices for pets

This one is a no-brainer. If boating or swimming in the open water with your pet is on the agenda, you’ll need a good quality life jacket to keep your furry friend safe. Your pet may be an avid swimmer, but life preservers are still necessary for all on board. This product from Outward Hound is highly rated for safety, fit, and functionality. 

#5. Shirts to calm anxious pets

Much like a swaddle for babies, products like the Thundershirt fit snuggly against your dog or cat and make them feel calm. If your pet has fireworks fears, travel phobia, or other anxieties that may hinder your summer plans, try one of these products. 

#6. Cooling pads or vests for pets

For pets who can’t beat the heat, a special cooling mat may do the trick. A variety of products exist, including water-filled pads, gel mats, and wearable vests for on-the-go cooling. This site describes available products, so you can choose the right one for your pet. 

#7. Pet-safe sunscreen

The best way to keep your pet safe is by avoiding the sun altogether, but we know that isn’t always feasible. Pets who are hairless, have light-colored fur, or short coats are more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. Consider a sunscreen like this one, which veterinary dermatologists recommend because of its zinc-free formulation, for at-risk pets. 

#8. Reflective pet collars and leashes

The days are longer, but summer fun doesn’t always stop at sundown. Reflective products such as collars, leashes, or light-up tags can keep you and your pet safe when your plans take you into the evening. 

#9. Pet parasite preventives

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who thrive during the summer season. Fleas, ticks, heartworm, and other parasites are big warm-weather problems, but they can be prevented. Contact our veterinary team for recommendations on the best products for your pet. 

#10. Microchip protection for pets

When our pets join in on our summer adventures, they commonly get lost or escape. Protect your pet with a microchip, and increase the chances of a happy reunion. Contact WesVet for more information, or to set up an outpatient appointment.